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Once I was at a trailhead parking lot watching a forest fire in the distance and a guy on a Harley and leather gear adorned with fringe pulled up and was watching also. So I said "nice bike" to be friendly and start a conversation so he starts telling me about his bike how he "customized" it with bolt on chrome and all of the "battle scars" it has.

"This was from laying it down on the way to Sturgis in 97" - a .75inch scuff on some chrome.
This was from laying it down on the way to Sturgis in 99 out running a hail storm" a 1.25inch scuff

And a few more battle stories about little scuffs that look like they were 0-3mph tip overs and I am thinking this guy tipped over his bike a few times and made up some big stories about it. ?
Idono I always thought "laying it down" meant sliding out at road speed= bent handle bars, broken parts, major gouges though out the bike. But I guess it can also mean a tip over in a parking lot to some people.?
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