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I hate telling my wreck story to certain types of riders. My accident was at 60 MPH with my ass hanging off the side of the seat in a hard left corner. A car coming the other way decided to make a u-turn in the middle of this corner. I saw it develop with enough time to look for an escape. Going on my projected path was suicide and hitting the brakes would have launched me into a brutal high-side.

I looked for an escape route and the result was predictable: I rode exactly where I was looking at the time and that meant into the gravel, off the road and that lead to a brutal high-side.

There was no avoiding this crash. Yet, it bugs the crap out of me to have a person hear it and start nodding enthusiasticly and saying, "yup... I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, ya gotta lay er down."

I didn't lay it down! I stayed with the bike as long as I could. Had there been an escape, I would have taken it. I had no time to scrub off any speed.

The really irksome part of it is, if I had just "laid er down" I probably would have been better off. Laying it down and accepting the low-side would have kept me out of the hospital completely and the bike would not have landed on my back. Still though, laying it down just isn't ever a plan. At least its not for me.
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