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I'm in winnipeg at an internet cafe now. Slow progress, and I'm enjoying it. My mpg dropped to 33mpg when I was doing 80 in MN and I ran out of gas. When it ran out, it died like I'd hit the kill switch. Luckily there was a gas station right there. I kept it between 60 and 70 and got 44 mpg again. The bike likes it better, and even though 80 is comfortable on it, somehow it's convinced me that I like going slower too. I don't know how that works, like the bike just comes with a different mindset. That's like, the speed limit. How convenient.
Here's a wayside in minnesota on Tuesday where I tried out my camera's timer. Later, a minister came by and blessed my journey.

Here's a wayside in Superior just outside Duluth where I was putting on the carharts. Didn't bring the rainsuit with me, but my stuff is working ok.

I decided to stop in Eveleth, MN, so Wednesday I had 100 miles to the border. Big change from the 800 miles I've had to do in the past. 800 mile days just aren't as fun. I ate a great walleye breakfast and headed for the border, but got sidetracked on this great logging road. I passed tons of logging road entrances before temptation overcame me and I remembered making time isn't that important.

There was a turtle on the trail that I turned around and tried to photograph, thinking he'd make me feel fast. But he was too fast for me and made it into the weeds before I got the camera out. I'm slow.

Once I cleared customs there wasn't a very good town to stay in that I wanted to go to that night so I got a room in Fort Frances, then went and found this nice farm road outside of town.

Then I got a steak and went back to the room to enjoy my portable music system and my first cuban cigar since my first cigar over a decade ago.

Gas in Ontario today. Better weather and a better packing job.

I didn't stop for breakfast until lunchtime, but the fajita was good on an outdoor deck across from this seaplane charter business. This was my view. I love prop planes, especially seaplanes.

The girl on the left and her mom came up before my food came because the girl wanted to say hi and ask where I was going. They were from Ketchikan, AK, just visiting down south in Ontario. Before I left the girl came up to me to ask if I get lonely.

A wayside shortly before Manitoba. Notice how this statue in Minnesota looks just like me and is almost as big...

Someday I will go there and be their king.

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