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For having a day off, I got exactly jack shit done today. Between being daddy, housekeeper, and finishing up work stuff, it was entirely unproductive. I did redo the lids, the flat ones weren't very exciting. It's hard holding all those angles together without a magnet and then trying to tack and feed filler rod. Anyways I got one lid done. Somehow the pics made the welds look like crap, they aren't as bad in person. I kinda dig the way they look but will probably dress them up before paint or powdercoat. I might Line-X them.

I did work a little on the shock mount, still waiting on the advice of a tuner to get it dialed in.

Hows the suspension look? Trying to make sure I have enough exhaust clearance (it's sagging a little right now) and also enough travel.

Ordered the spacer material for the swingarm. The KTM bolt is 20mm OD and I got 1.25" 6061 1/4" wall tubing. I have a friend with a lathe that will help get that sorted. I need the spacer for inside the swingarm pivots, and then a smaller one to space the swingarm from the right side.

The major ticket list

Get rear suspension nailed down.
Get swingarm spacer made
Cut tank

finish 2nd bag and make mounts.
Make rear fender/mudguard
finish light bar mounts.
Make rearsets
High fender kit (basically second brake line)
Make seat
Get underseat wiring finalized
Build/lengthen centerstand & sidestand
Order custom rear sprocket
Size chain links and order that too
Front rotor bolts

I decided to can the R1 header. It was going to take a redo of the front motor mount for a small gain. Not worth it. also running stock cooling system. I should have enough clearance with the supermoto fender.
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