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Originally Posted by dillon View Post
I used to work with a older dude (hes 70 now) and he had been riding since he was 16 on the street. He told me that the lay it down thing used to be common wisdom when brakes on bikes sucked. You drop the bike and give yourself a buffer zone between you and whatever. But he told me with any bike made in the last 25 years youre better off staying on the tires now that bike brakes work like they ought to.
That makes sense. I know when I used to drive old American cars with lots of motor and not so much brake there was a point at which braking wasn't going to do dick, so you'd resign yourself to going over, under or through whatever hazard was ahead of you and accelerate. I have to say cutting my teeth on old cars driven fast really got me into looking very far down the road and taking everything in. My father called it "Chess, played 10 steps ahead" and it's worked a damn treat for me so far.

I wonder if cowboys and calvary men ever had conversations about "layin" their horse down to avoid the random stagecoach, recklessly driven?
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