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Well, in spite of the loneliness of the city, it was beautiful in it's way. Mexican families played in the pool while a singer serenaded them. And, the sunrises were outstanding!

Check out the beach house....there were incredible deals on beach front property, but most are lying empty!

After eating breakfast....during which I mistook Jamon for Tocino, we took off for Puertocitos.

The road down to Puertocitos was pretty nice but you had to keep an eye out for the vados, or dips. They were not your garden variety dips in the highway. Some had very sharp drop-offs with secondary ledges about half way down. Others were very steep. Rich had been down this road a few times and he seemed to know where the really good ones were. I'd watch his brakelights and be warned...

Not much to Puertocitos. We took the old road into town to get some information at the Pemex and doubled back to the highway, rapidly eating up the last few miles of pavement! On the way, check out the "Cow Patty Inn." It was worth a picture or two:

There was art in front of the Cow Patty as well...

Soon we new the highway would run out, and it did, abruptly shortly after this Mexican road warning device:

A pile of rocks in the middle of the road meant slow down, for whatever reason. In this case, the asphalt ran out. We stopped to make a few preparations, such as air down the tires.

Check out the road leading off to the right. One day this will be paved, and a huge piece of the adventure of riding Baja will be gone, in my opinion. And it was adventure for me, being a dirt noobie and riding a brand new moto! Rich gave me a few dirt riding tips, and he was gone, not to be seen for some time. I was in awe of his ability to ride fast through the changing conditions, but I needed to remind myself that he'd been doing it for about a 100 years, while this was basically my first time. I was ok with it...

Rich's advice was pretty simple. Keep a light grip on the bars, use the throttle, and go easy on the brakes. Ok Rich.

A mile or so down the road, the GSA decided to nap, and decided rather abruptly! I was picking my way down a very steep, sandy section, and the next thing I knew I was lying on my back, staring at the sky. No harm no foul, so I got up and with a bit of help righted the beast. It was like I told you...easy on the brakes, use the gas, and no deathtrap on the bars. I think I was in violation of rule number 3!

More later, and thanks for looking!

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