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Originally Posted by 257bob View Post

Another thinly disguised Harley bashing thread.
Harley, I mean "Hardly". I mean "hardly."

I have heard the same pearl of wisdom about "laying 'er down" from riders of Ancient Rice as well. Most recently, it was the learned old coot from down the road who staggered up my driveway while I was washing the grime off my scoot. He waxed nostalgic about the bad old days of motorcycles when they had greased blocks of ice for brake shoes and steel-mounted engines on rubber frames. That led to his regaling me with tales of his prowess in surfing the asphalt with his bike on its side, its 5 cc engine blatting furiously as they plunged headlong toward what would have been certain doom had he given the brakes a try.

After the history lesson, he dispensed his sage advice that the best favor I could do for myself was to learn to "lay 'er down." Now, here comes the best part: "Ya need ta practice thet!" I didn't ask how many bikes he went through to perfect his technique, and I resisted the temptation to ask if he ever got on a first-name basis with the folks in the ER. I let him prattle on, thanked him for opening my eyes to The Truth, and then let him walk away with the afterglow that he had done somebody a good deed. After all, his heart was in the right place even if his brain was still in transit.
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