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Take care, little buddy. I'll be back in a few days.

Sunday we rolled out to Staunton, VA for some dual sport adventure. The drive in the cars was adventurous. The storm on Friday-Saturday had every stream in major flood on the way up. En route we decided to camp at Sherando Lake. I recall that you can get there by a dirt road and not have to drive so far north. We got all the way across the dirt road only to find the last 100 yards of the road destroyed by a flood. This involved unhooking Lucky's trailer and late night map navigation, but we made it.

Sherando Lake is a good place to base camp. The campground hosts and forest service workers that staff the place take their job seriously. It's a safe place to leave your stuff.

This scene made me wonder about the stream crossings that we would encounter later in the day. Everything was still in flood Monday morning. The campground host said they got 6.5 inches of rain at the campground.

Let's get started:

We warmed up by running across Big Levels. Super fun road, and the puddles were not as bad as I expected.

After Big Levels, we did a transfer section across the valley to Staunton, where we gassed up for our objective for the day-- Shenandoah Mountain.

FR 85 is one of the great motoring roads anywhere.

It takes you to Radish Knob.

These guys really had it going on with the European languages and lycra.

Back on 85.

This time I did not miss the Skidmore turn. Time to find out about the water crossings.

US 33 over Shenandoah Mountain is also one of the great motoring routes out there.

The weather was starting to look a little iffy. We gassed up in Brandywine and headed up Swedlin Valley.

What can you say about the VEPCO road?

Our intent was to run down Dictum Ridge to 33 and back over 85, but Dictum Ridge is now gated! I like a run of this road as much as the next guy, but doubling back was not that fun at that point of the day.

In addition to the doubling back, Long Run is just that, so no final run up 85.

Finally, we made it back to the start of the transfer section across the valley. How would you describe your feelings after a day on Shenandoah?

Getting closer to the cooler....

We did about 260 for the day. No trouble sleeping tonight.
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