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I allways get a kick out of that line. In the movie "On any Sunday" they discuss the reason. I don't recall entirely but I think they talk about flat track racing and how much better it is than high-siding. In truth I would say that my footpegs and handlebars scraping on the street had more stopping power than my 61' Panheads brakes . These days I'll take tripple disks, ABS and some good rubber.

I hear that line by Bruce Brown and chuckle every time. Why? Because I know darn well that every racer who comments about things like that never laid the bike down as the plan. They ALWAYS were riding with the intent of making it through or around whatever and laying it down was just the end result of their best efforts. At least that was what it was for me. Once in the slide and on my way down I would stay in it so I didn't high-side though.

Jay Springsteen once noted one time when he laid the XR over so far it was essentially laid down and sliding, but he realized how it was sliding... It was still pretty much in the normal arc of the curve for whatever reason and he rode it on the side case until it started to lift. He then applied the throttle to get the back tire sliding again and rode it out of a lowside laydown to continue in the race! Something you can get away with on a cushion track versus pavement.

As I've often said, whenever I've ever laid a bike down that was never the intent, just the end result of everything I could do to avoid whatever was the issue at the time. On the brake or throttle hard into a corner (with no front brake on the short tracker) and ending up sliding out while trying to stay on the line or in the corner. Or on the brakes hard enough up to the point where it was full locked and feet or inches to go - aka the end of the trail. I never went into a corner and mentally said "time to lay 'er down!" Always was looking for the alternative first and foremost.
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