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Originally Posted by Eggsontoast View Post
I've had a few issues on my '96 SE, namely a weeping magneto gasket which put an end to my day when the whole contents started pissing out on to the rear tire.

The horn became intermittent because of the positioning of the female spade connectors. Make sure you route the wiring back on itself, on the rear side of the horn's mounting bracket to prevent premature life.

The cylinder base gasket did blow: what started as a weep became a gentle trickle.

First gear on the driveshaft has worn away it's engagement channels as have the clutch dogs on 5th. Third gear has worn and ground itself past the hardening. Tin or plasma coatings would significantly increase fatigue life.

The seat has developed a rip where the main cover joins your inside leg, general wear and tear.

The exhaust's mid pipe bracket has cracked, which is easily fixed by fabricating an equivalent bracket out of some mild steel and welding it back together. I used my tig welder. (Aftermarket exhaust)

The rubber seal beneath the petrol cap is starting to crack.

Really that's about it, so overall she's a good'un.


How many miles/km on your DR, Pat? What kind of riding do you mostly do?
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