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I hear that line by Bruce Brown and chuckle every time. Why? Because I know darn well that every racer who comments about things like that never laid the bike down as the plan. They ALWAYS were riding with the intent of making it through or around whatever and laying it down was just the end result of their best efforts. At least that was what it was for me. Once in the slide and on my way down I would stay in it so I didn't high-side though.
Haven't done any motorized racing, but I have had some spectacular moves during cross country running and nordic skiing races, but the best moves sure weren't planned in advanced, they were me trying to do somethg at my limits, and doing my best to avoid taking a header.

When my efforts worked, it was spectacular. When I f'd up, it was spectacular, I just was sore afterwards.

Best tactic while racing though was always to have it be uneventful. Uneventful means you were in control and were being smooth and efficient. Which was the plan. Just wasn't able to stick to the plan a whole lot of the time. When the plan is out the window, just try to minimize the damage, and salvage what you can.
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