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I have an ultra-marathoner friend who uses some of those Hammer products. I was thinking of giving them a try.

Pediatlyte is a good idea for a quick fix. I've been using chocolate milk as a recovery drink for years and that's worked great for me. Some of the research shows it's as good as the high $$ recovery drinks and for me I could never feel the difference in the payoff. In fact, in the first pic in this blog I'm drinking some c-milk after a race. That stuff goes down smooth for me.

Once after a race I was definitely dehydrated and I had no water and the 'monster energy' truck was at the race. I had an ME for the first time in my life and I cramped up severely. I was doubled over for the rest of the afternoon and my good friend Brandon had to load my bike and drive us home while I was on the floor of the van in pain...that was the first and last energy drink I ever consumed. Very nasty stuff for my delicate stomach.

Frog - anyone who could wrestle the 950 with flats and crashes and finish V2R without breaking enough bones to be incapacitated is a bouncer for sure, or as you claim, a Chad Reed style tuck and roller.
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