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In more than 40 years I've never intentionally "laid down" a motorcyle, it must be like recreational skydiving. The few times I've been up in a small plane I've really enjoyed it but I sure couldn't see myself jumping out of one.

Same thing goes with putting a perfectly good motorcycle on the ground in an emergency. At what point do you decide it's time to make "the move"?

Seriously, I have had a lot of guys that USED to ride, tell me about how they quit after they had to lay er down. Most of these guys were a few years older than me and were talking about pre seventies bikes and usually old used ones to boot, and they were young and fool-hardy at the time, and poor brakes and no maintainence meant sliding down the road may have been about as effective as trying to avoid a crash.

At least that's the way they tell it. Bashing or not, a certain segment of Harley riders are about the only people that I hear talking about laying down a bike now days. Most 60 somethings still riding today have gained some skills by now and ride better bikes. And most of us don't tell newbies that throwing your bike on the ground is a valid safety technic. LOL
I didn't say pipes that loud cause brain damage.
I said YOU must be brain damaged to have pipes that loud.

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