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Originally Posted by teizms View Post
Waterproof on the outside: will not be so great when you need airflow - waterproofing layers block out most of the wind. Additionally, we have not come across any affordable fabric that is waterproof + abrasion resistant. Most fabrics, like Cordura, require the waterproof layer to be fused to them.

Waterproof layer built-in: again, most of the airflow will be block out. the wind will be blocked by the liner and not reach you skin

Removable waterproof layer: requires you to take off or zip in the liner depending on the weather

We have been looking into this for a long time and it seems like for most people the versatility is more important than anything else. People want one jacket that can take them through all 4 seasons, or rather one jacket that can take them through any weather during a long distance trop. To provide that versatility you need removable layers.

You want to wear a warm shirt because its cold, but you don't want to take it off when the temperatures drop! With time, i am sure fabrics will developed that can achieve all we want in an "affordable manner, but currently the choices are limited and compromises have to be made.

What I am trying to say is.. our suit will have two removable liners and can be worn five different ways:
shell + waterproof liner + thermal liner
shell + waterproof liner
shell + thermal liner
Waterproof liner only. Our liner will be one piece rain suit by itself and can be worn without the main shell.
I appreciate these challenges and I like the versatility. Given the reality of fabrics, I can say my first priority is going to be a safe, abrasion and burst seam resistant suit that is comfortable.

An issue of mine in looking at other gear is the lack of double stitching you find on comparable men's gear. Women fall and slide the same way men do and we should be afforded comparable quality stitching and gear assembly.

When it comes to the liners, I would request ease and speed putting them in and taking them out. The other thing I would request is that they take up as little space as possible, only becuase once they come off we all know bike storage is limited and precious. (I think the space issue is likely already covered, but I do not know well enough about the engineering that has gone into the liners themselves and how they come in/out of the suit. I have some precious cuss words for when my time is dwindling and I can't get a liner in/out and the weather demands I need it.
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