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Originally Posted by teizms View Post
Waterproof on the outside: will not be so great when you need airflow - waterproofing layers block out most of the wind. Additionally, we have not come across any affordable fabric that is waterproof + abrasion resistant. Most fabrics, like Cordura, require the waterproof layer to be fused to them.
Not sure I understand -- wouldn't having vents solve the airflow problem?

Will the waterproof layer zip or attach in some way to the main shell so that it can be put on/removed at once or will we have to unzip/step out of the shell and then do the same with the waterproof layer? If it's all one piece, heck, I'll just leave the waterproof layer in 99% of the time. I'm always cold anyway.

I totally get having a waterproof layer for touring and downpours; would the suit be relatively water-resistant without it? For example, my FirstGear Kilimanjaro isn't completely waterproof in a downpour, so I wear a rain jacket over it in that case. But if I'm out running an errand and it starts drizzling, I won't get soaking wet like I would wearing a mesh jacket.
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