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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
So what good is your brain if the rest of your face is scraped off?

I've seen numerous Harley shops sell those cheap ass skid lids(~$50) with a warning label in them stating they are not for highway use. I'm sure if I wanted to I coould crush the sides together with my hands. Why even sell such crap in the first place? I seen them being used on the road. I had a guy(Harley Pirate) tell me he could replace my Shoei RF1000(which his drunk wife knocked off the bike when she knocked the bike over) with as good a helmet for $50. Yeah right...

Apparently you aren't familiar with at least trying to get a new rider to try to minimize injury?

If you didn't bother reading, I said if the shop is selling genuine H-D brand helmets they are made by HJC and KBC. Those are worn by professional racers of all types world wide if you don't also realize that. Second, if you can't get a new rider to wear a full face, wouldn't you at least try to get them to wear an open face or a half shell at the least?

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

As for your helmet, obviously the guy was full of the usual biker lifestyle bullshit. I hope you did get something out of the whole thing, but I have a feeling not. My condolences for your RF1000 and the bike. I'd be pissed too. That's why I seldom set my helmet anywhere that it might fall in a restaurant or on my bike - Murphy's Law and all y'know.
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