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Thanks for the report

I do not want to steel in to the thread but regarding the off roadind of this bike, I ride with a bunch of xt660Z riders in a group off road. I also owned a 660 before the ST1200. during our last ride this weekend I noticed some of my buddies who all have 25-30 years of off roading under thier belt, looking at me and talking over a coffee. So I asked what were they talking about? and they answered that they were amaized at how more confident and flowing my riding has become with a bike that is so much more heavy.
One of them even put it simply this way " this bike is purely you".
But for the lower clearence this bike personaly inspires me to do things that I would hesitate or completly avoid with the 660.
It is not that the 660 is bad . it is very good and my buddies love it.But the 1200 is a real jewl.
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