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The Meeting

Up until now the excitement and trials of the trip had kept my mind occupied but as I drove those final kilometres I began to feel some doubt. After all we'd only chatted by email and a few words on the telephone. I knew the Ratman was very intelligent and well-spoken as well as handsome but what would he be like face-to-face? Would we have enough in common to sustain a dialogue longer than 5 minutes? Would we be able to see issues eye-to-eye or would we disagree about everything? Would he see me as an equal or as an object? Would he look as good as his pictures? Would I even care? Would I end up in a freezer? Would he?
He was waiting in the driveway as I drove up and he welcomed me with open arms. As he escorted me into his lovely home we started to talk and the conversation continued long into the night
Cougar tracks
The initial pawprints
The blind date
A Cougar goes racing
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