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Hi Pam!
I am glad your R90 rig has worked well for you, but I still would not build one without a subframe. BMW airhead frames are flimsy and flexible compared to older /2 frames.

You are right, I have broken some KLR frames. I wouldn't recommend mounting a sidecar to a KLR without a subframe either. While I think my frame failures were probably due to extreme use and subframes that needed a bit more development, it did take longer than a month for me to break them(not sure where you got that). I don't have a high opinion of KLR build quality, but they are cheap enough to experiment with and fun to ride

I suspect the market for software may be different enough from niche manufacturing such as sidecar mounting to make your comparison questionable, but since I am not in either business I am just guessing and could easily be mistaken.

Originally Posted by pampine View Post
OK, first, you don't run a software development business for 24 years by being naive about what people will try to steal; and in the case of one application, an accounting system, we shipped open access to the code. So what you do is protect your property rights. Also, you must assess the abilities of your buyers/stealers. I also published a magazine about a software system, not ours, for a couple of years; and no question, people stole it, even password protected. But we didn't answer questions posed by people not on our subscriber list. The fact is, the thieves weren't going to buy our rag at the price we were charging; but at least they couldn't sue us for bad advice.

Second, perhaps a year of use is too short to reveal frame problems; but fact is, my R90S with sidecar performed very well, no frame problems to date. That's a fact, whether it suits other experiences or not. Now clearly I'm thinking about this, giving technological advances their due; but I don't see how you can make all sorts of excuses for your KLR frame failures (Took what, a month to break?) and then claim the BMW /5/6/7 frames are weak. Compared to what? What effect does tub weight have on frames? How about mounting arrangement? Mounting components? Etc.? No, just a blanket statement that directly contradicts my personal experience.

I happen to have a lot of respect for what you do and how you do it, please keep up the good work.

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