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I'll do my report later, but FIRST!

394 miles
later after
I am home.

I kept Burnzilla on track as he was recovering from duck hunting with a rake last night.

Sadly, we did have just one meeting with one of these Jacko's enroute home;

Thanks to the guy who killed all the strippers and saved their silicone for our WARPED mugs. Those are, as Joe from SF says 'Sick'

Thanks to all who did shit and helped out. The rest of you who just show up year after year and never volunteer to organize or help @ the event;

Yeti, your organizational skills suck balls. You are FIRED

Gerg; you drove to WARPED, so your sole purpose is Beer, ice , beer ice, repeat. But you still posses the TRUE spirit of ADVENTURE your excluded from further mockery on my part. As always, GREAT seeing you.

For those of you riders who RODE their bikes to this event
Next year I will have these to hand out to the appropriate candidates:

For the rest of you; [EDIT] who TRAILERED your STREET LEGAL 650cc+ bikes to a 2 day EVENT:


are for

Please man the fuck up and ride to an ADV event. IF you want to trailer to a motorcycle event, please join this crowd.

and finally.

ShortFatSally & MsBianca, it was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU BOTH. I really hope you both had a good time (outside that bullshit where Sally fell asleep in Richard Cabesa's tent, leaving him only a banana and $1.86 in loose change this morning)

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