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Day 7: April 10, 2011

The snow has melted, we've shared tales of good times, bad times and told most of our secrets, neither one of us has felt the need to run the other over with a motorcycle or whack them in their sleep now it's time to ride!

The first place we stopped was Snow Canyon.

Snow Canyon is infamous as the site for the shooting of the John Wayne film "The Conqueror". Of the 220 people who worked on the location over 90 developed cancer and 46 died from it including Wayne himself, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorhead and the director, Dick Powell. The canyon is downwind from the nuclear test facility at Yucca Flats and the resulting radiation is believed to be the cause of the cancers.

From Snow Canyon we rode up Hurricane Mesa.

I invaded the test facility at the top but I managed to make my escape It helps to be inconspicuous.

From Hurricane we continued east to Zion National Park. Zion is absolutely overwhelming. Choosing a few pictures to share with you out of the many we took was a daunting task.

Checkerboard Mesa, where the blind date would have taken place. The surprise would have been glorious but I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I was especially happy I didn't have to be here at a specific time - remember, I'm punctuality challenged

Rat is well known around these parts for hi-jacking tour buses and involving the tourists in his tableaus. We tried to find a bus but we were just a little too late so we had to stage our own. Remember this trip was caused by Dreamer's Disease :)

Cougar tracks
The initial pawprints
The blind date
A Cougar goes racing
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