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There is something special about the light above the stove.
Since I was a kid, seeing that light on early in the morning has always given me butterflies. It was the light that was used when you needed light in the early morning hours, but you didn’t want to wake anyone else up.
It has always represented some type of adventure even if was something as simple as getting up before dawn to go help my dad load wood or getting up at 3 am to go surf the waves so large that not everybody goes home that day.
For me it’s always represented a different kind of butterflies. It’s the kind of butterflies you get when you’re going to do something that necessitates getting up hours earlier that you’re comfortable with. The kind of butterflies you get when doing anything that requires hours of preparation and research that have to be done days before you leave.
Seeing light above the stove on for me has almost always been a good thing and on Friday morning, I got up at 3.30am to get out of Los Angeles before the sun came up.

I made it to the Poppy Preserve before dawn, but unfortunately the poppy display was not what it was last year…..

So I took off and headed toward Frazier Park. Halfway there, the temprature plunged into the 20’s and I promptly turned into an ice cube.
I was very much looking forward to the Screeching Squuriel’s wood burning stove…. But they were closed….

BUT…. This place was open….

….and they had these….

I had a cup of tea and it would have be downright insulting had I NOT purchased at least one doughnut…..

from there I left Frazier Park…… it was a gorgeous day…

Out on to the Carrizo Plain, I was finally alone!

I noticed this water tank….

…. And something on the side…

Happy Easter!

Carrizo Cruising

Here is where I write about Bakersfield; It sucks and there is traffic. Oh and people don’t like it when you lane split through it. So Bakersfield – piss off.

Through Bakersfield, I made my way over to Breckenridge road because I had read about it on the WARPED thread.

It was incredible up there…. And again all alone

Its quite a road….

and there was still some snow left up there! I was thinking about bringing a snowball with me to throw at Yeti…. But then I remembered he had my shirt so…..

I was happily plugging along and the GPS told me that I was only about a mile or two from Caliente/Bodfish so I was almost off of Breckenridge. Then I came around a corner…

Three feet of snow…. EASY.

dammik!! The guy in the 4x4 was having issues getting out…. So the GS certainly wasn’t going anywhere. So I rode all the way back to Bakersfield and back up 178.


Anyways…. Camp.

Good times around the campfire as usual.

Next day – staging.

DaFool - SMILE


Perfect day to ride…..

A few of us headed out to Jawbone…

It always amazes me that people dump trash out here

We had been waiting for awhile and Brice went back to check on Karen and it tuned out that she had gone down badly at about 50 mph – breaking something in her foot

She was determined to ride her bike out but first she insisted on walking a few hundred yards of sand….

So we turned around to help Karen get home.

Keil turned up

and company

and Burnzilla – the quote man himself!! On a mans bike in the sand

Brice walking back to his bike

On the way back we saw ‘Zilla heading through the water

Don’t get yer feet wet….

after we got back we made sure Karen was comfortable with cookies and ice and checked out the top of the hill

Dinner that night was a blast. I met lots of people that I had not known until now and had a chance to hang out with lots of old friends. Every time I make it to WARPED I always meet great new people and remember how many friends are there.
This is a great annual gathering that we need to keep going at all costs!!!!

Goodbye Kernville….. we’ll be seeing you next year….

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T. S. Eliot
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