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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
There are two reasons for doing that.

1-When I bring the cases into a motel room and toss them on the furniture, the brackets will be on top. If on the bottom, I'd scratch the furniture. Applies to the furniture at home too.

2-When I want to get something out of a case, I lean against it, pop the latch, then slowly crack open the case. Using my leg, I allow the case to slowly open while I fish around inside. All the stuff stays in the case because I'm opening the deep part of the case, not the lid. If I mounted the brackets the other way around, everything would fall on the ground or at least spill out the sides before I could find that thing I'm looking for.

Makes sense to me. Never considered mounting them any other way. But maybe I'm not thinking this through. What are the advantages to putting the mounting brackets on the base instead of the lid? Are there any?
Caribou does the base mount and most I've seen are mounted that way:

I like what you did and your rationale is sound. I'm just wondering if you had to do it again, would you mount it differently? Based upon what you said above, I think you're as happy as a bug in a rug.
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