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Let the $$$"Bleed"$$$ begin

While the engine cylinders soak I've been scrounging up a few misc. parts via the Internet. Parts are out there with a little searching but my Pay Pal account is quickly dwindling.

Found this 50's / 60's NOS 6 Volt horn over in Greece for cheap. Not a KS601 original but the price sure was right. It is around 3.5" diameter so should fit where the original lived. I'll need to bury it in the backyard for a few months so it matches the rest of the bike.
I love buying shit from overseas. When it finally arrives I have forgot I even ordered it. Maybe it will arrive for a Christmas present.

My gas cap is dented up pretty good....this original KS cap has a few less dents. It was a $5.00 purchase.

My KS has one "ball tip" lever and one short spear type lever. I bought the shorter of the two here so I have a matching duo.

Someone in the past has hacked up my linkage. It still functions but the proper pins were missing and the linkage pieces had been split. This replacement linkage is the most expensive item on the page.....but this will get things back in order. The KS600 had both a foot shift and a hand shift lever. They ran a rod from the right side linkage up to a tank side hand lever. Maybe I'll copy that design and rig up a hand lever.

One proper Bing carb screw to replace a BMW idle screw which was improperly fitted.

These are the proper pins needed to affix the new shifter linkages.

I'm missing the front upper fender brace. This brace comes with a nasty old "bobbed" fender. I'll remove the brace and refit it to my fender. I do have some old school, home made, ugly aluminum fender struts but wanted an original one.

This is a clutch cable tensioning spring. My clutch / brake cables are shot. I found an outfit that supplies cable kits to assemble my own cables...maybe I'll give it a shot. Used Zundapp cables are in the near $100.00 range. I can build a set of new ones a lot

So I've gathered nearly all the missing / broken parts....still need to get the rubber bits...shifter, brake, kick start lever rubbers.

The piston rings will likely be needed next, along with some machine work on the heads & cylinders. I'm hoping the bottom in is still servicable but won't know til I dig in.

This KS601 is for sale in Germany.....$16K and rising. It is the 28HP Standard Model.

It would probably cost me $20K to get mine in that condition. That ain't gonna happen.

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