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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawkdesign View Post

Again, just my opinion, but I think we would all gain a lot more from discussing our ideas and comparing the pro's and con's of whatever subject we are talking about than criticizing each other for not doing things our way.

Barry, I'm trying real hard to do just that.

I know that RedMenace's KLR rigs take a lot of heat; and I wasn't being absolutely critical of his rigs, only relatively in the context of criticizing my BMW rig. Or, more to the point, of seemingly disregarding completely my experience with said rig. See, polite discourse at least allows for the possibility that my rig was a very good one.

Also, I said that it was possible that your "subframe" for old BMWs might be exactly what they needed if their frames failed, and not the $2,000+ overkill that I see here day after day. I readily admit that the new, almost frameless BMWs, need such "overkill." And the fact that I reiterated someone else's request for better photos meant that I was considering DMC's solution if/when I hang another sidecar on my ancient Beemer. About the last thing I'd want to do is endanger life and limb by trying to build something myself, plus I don't much like working metal.

All that other stuff just got in the way; so I was trying to tell you how I got it out of the way for my business. And now I'm really irritated that I apparently find it necessary to explain myself.

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