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WUMPA - my DMC Dauntless 1150GS Adventure rig

Well, I guess we all deserve at least one "ego" thread here in HACKS. Here's mine. The sun came out today and, even though I'm not finished with the set up yet, I dragged my 1150/Dauntless rig out into the front yard for pics today and decided to post them up.

I got this rig last fall -- a 2004 1150GS Adventure with a DMC M72D sidecar. Spent the winter getting it ready for this summer's riding season (I'm a slow worker.) Between the tug and the tub I got about 70 mods here. My philosophy on farkling is that I want my bikes to perform, but I also want them to clean up nicely.

This is my first sidecar outfit.

Some of these mods cost over $1000 each (car pusher wheel, electric tilt, steering mod), and a bunch of them are so piddling as to hardly deserve mention. But I'm mentioning them anyway. Here goes--

ABS-Servo brake modulator removed
Ohlins shocks front & rear (springs painted matching red)
Centerline 4x15 "car pusher" rear wheel on DMC adapter
Vredstein Snow+ 155/80-R15 rear tire
Heidenau K60 Scout front tire
Lucas Alien front rotors
Ride-On tire sealant front & rear
DMC lower fork bridge (trail reducer)
Aeroflow Half-Fairing windshield
Corbin heated seat (also have stock red/black seat)
Happy Trail panniers and rack (powdercoated)
BestRest tail rack
Luminics 6000k 55w halogen low beam bulb
Hella Micro DE fog lights w/yellow 55w halogen bulbs
AdvMonster 3-mode 24w off-road LED driving lights (w/fog light cut-off)
VVME HID high beam conversion
Xpel headlight protection film
Signal Minder
Right side turn signals removed
Rugged Roads running light/brake light LED insert
Hella Supertone 2-tone horns w/Eastern Beaver relay kit
Odyssey PC680 battery
Filler neck drilled
Beemerboneyard fuel line quick-disconnects
Alternator cover carbon-fiber vinyl dress up
Exhaust headers ceramic coated
Y-pipe replacement for catalytic front muffler
Lowered rear muffler connector
FZ-1 Fuzeblock
Kaoko throttle lock
HumVee "GS" graphics
Refinished valve covers
Refinished spark plug covers
Refinished front mud guard extension
Wunderlich yoke protector
Crossbar pad
Oversized rear brake pedal (my own lame design)
Creative Cycle Concepts shift lever extension
Fastway Evolution footpegs
Billet oil filler cap
Fenda Extenda
Bags Connection "GS" Quick-Lock Tankbag w/Zumo mount
Powerlet power socket (panel-mount) for GPS
Coaxial power socket for heated clothing
Genmar bar risers
Stainless mesh oil cooler screen
You might notice something missing from that list--the word "Touratech."

DMC electric tilt/trim
1150GS Adventure cross-spoke rear wheel
1150GS brake caliper and rotor
Heidenau K60 Scout rear tire
Ride-On tire sealant
1150GS tail light (matches the bike)
Rugged Roads running light/brake light LED insert
DMC turn signals modified to be running lights too
Southco locking trunk latch (w/steel latch plate)
Givi rear luggage rack (from a V46 tail case)
HumVee "GS" graphics
Custom marine-grade upholstery
Custom seat foam (Sargent "Super Cell Atomic Foam")
Wingbolt seatback mounts (see post 66)
Tonneau cover in matching red
Windshield with matching red apron
Windshield trim in matching red
Body edge trim in matching red
Red polypro step plate
Carpeting - trunk and passenger compartment
Stainless grab bar with BMW-style crossbar pad
Seat belt (guess what color?)
Power distribution plate (for future passenger accessories--heated clothing, GPS etc.--switched and unswitched leads)

Links to additional mods and info in this thread--
Front Shock Rebuild
Rear Shock Rebuild
Sintered Clutch
Dog Platform
Aux Fuel Bottle
Sidecar Aux Power Supply
FZ-1 Fuzeblock (discussion starts about half way down this page)
Dual Battery Isolator
Pannier Lid Stay
Sidecar Seatback Mod
Sidecar Seat Foam
Y-Pipe Ceramic Coating
Backcountry pics

Total Weight of the Rig
34/11 Final Drive upgrade
How I pack for camping trips
Breakaway dog restraint
The Wreck in Wyoming


And here's one with the touring seat removed and the "dirt" seat in place, with my buddy Kirby looking on.

I've taken it for a few "shakedown" rides around town on pavement. As soon as I get a few more problem items taken care of, I'll do a dirt shakedown camping trip to make sure it's set up the way I want it.

A note on the lights. The way I got it set up, the yellow Hella fog lights automatically come on with the low beam. When I switch to high, the fogs and the low beam stay on and the HID high beam kicks in. Then I have another little switch that turns on the off-road lights and at the same time kills the fog lights. That way I'm quasi-legal by having only have 4 lamps lit at any one time. I say "quasi" because the HID lamp and the two LED lamps are way too bright to be D.O.T. approved.

BTW, I didn't just do farkles all winter. This rig was not in great shape when I got it. What you don't see here are all the things I fixed, replaced or updated because they were old or broken or missing. Happily, the engine, clutch, gearbox, final drive, starter, brakes, and all mechanicals are solid.

Any questions about part sourcing or anything else, post it here.

If you want to cut through all the clutter in this thread and only read my updates, get the ADV De-Crufter - HERE. Works great and it's free! There's also a Chrome version in another thread. Find it, get it, use it.

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