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Originally Posted by jobr View Post
Well, oil-cooler is a tricky thing.

On the BMW/Husky bike they have done some welding on the engineblock to be able to get the oil out of the engine to the oil-cooler.
This is is NOT recomended from the engine manufacturer, due to material integrity problems after welding in the aluminum engineblock. So if you do not get your engines for FREE, This is probably NOT the way to go!!

There are some one off solutions used by Dakar riders, but they are pretty secretive about there solutions to the oil-cooler problem (i have asked a few of them, with no luck). So for now this is a "make our own" part.

I am talking to a friend of mine that will have a look if there is a way to produce a interface to the oilfilter cover, that will allow the use of the original oilfilter. But this will take some time.(I will post updates)

The long swing arm is probably the same "one of build" so probably nothing we regular people ever will get our hands on....
Thanks for the info. I saw the picture of the modified engine block in the G450 thread, and I would not attempt such a MAJOR modification. I have a feeling that may be the most effective for cooling the oil while keeping it moving - but it's just not practical for us mortals.

I believe Andrew Gore (inmate in the US) may also try to produce an oil filter cover interface for the G450 but none of us know if that method will be effective or not yet. I'll let you know what we discover here as well.

Thanks again for the response!
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