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Originally Posted by jscottyk View Post
Many thanks to Gangplank! I've got a set of RXV forks on the way and will do the conversion sometime in the coming weeks.
-w- did the original work. I just followed his postings from another thread and put it all together.

20/20 hindsight if I had it to do over again I'd look for a set of RXV forks. If I couldn't find a set at a good price I'd just get a any set of 45mm-46mm forks off any 450 dirtbike. Doesn't matter what they look like or even if they are slightly bent.

Take both sets of forks apart, take the insides out and bring it all to a local machine shop. Have them machine the BMW fork bottoms to accept the bottom adjuster for the donar fork. Have them machine the top caps to match the BMW forks top cap threads OR make a collar that would fit it OR have them machine the BMW top caps themselves to mate up with the donor forks internal springs & adjustment screw. All of this should be easy for any machine shop. Cost?

Donor forks - $150-250
Machine bottom feet - $150 tops
Machine top cap - $75 maybe

Then I'd take the my newly machined forks to a good suspention shop like McCoy's Offroad or Superplush in SF and have them put it back together for me, tune the shim stacks to what they think will work well for my weight and riding style, respring if needed. Oh and shorten the travel if needed. They have to be longer not shorter travel wise to start....

Suspension work - $150
new springs if needed - $110

Total of about $600 for top notch forks. Makes good cents to me.
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