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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
GPRacer would/should be able to comment on that......


Sorry for the delay, i have not been surfing the forums lately as I have been to busy to lurk around here.

The amount of muck is not too back. I have had only one time that it was an issue of flying up onto my face. Not sure why it has never happened again. I have taken it all over, done the Continental Divide trail from Denver to Canada and several other big wet rides.

From my view, it basically only throws enough to dirty the bike and headlight. Thus I would say 3-5 inches should be fine. Additionally, the length also depends a bit on how wide it is at the tip. If it is a point, it will have less effective use then a shorter extension that is wider. I would prefer not to change the whole look of the bike, simply make a replacement extended piece that looks like it was stock.

I figure there are 2 ideas here.

1) new beak that is longer and then use the plastic front (as mentioned earlier, I agree this would need to be painted)

2) Use my original idea of just a longer "extension" I am still good with this. it the angled lines could simply extend to more of a point, it would offer a bit more spray protection. However, if the lines were changes slightly to meet further forward and still not come to a point (similar to the current) this would be even better.

As for the plastic idea, I happen to know a guy that makes hand guards used to make his living machining molds for plastic injection. He may be able to make the molds to get this going or consult on the best way to go about it. However I think this is a much larger investment of time and energy that would need to be supported by a real business plan.

Regardless of what you determine, I am in for testing and checking out. Barring having to break the kids college fund, I am in for buying whatever.
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