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Took my daughter (6 yrs old) to gymnastics class yesterday evening. After class she wanted to go for a ride. We rode to the park along the river about 10 miles away. On the way back I could feel her helmet visor touching my back repeatedly and then it felt like she turned her head and crouched down. I tapped her leg and yelled to her. I thought she said she was cold and we were only a mile from home so I kept going. At the light she said she was FOUFH:SDUHF:KSJDFH or something like that. Its hard to hear with the bike and both us wearing full face helmets. I turned the corner and at one block from home I felt her go limp. I tapped the brakes and I felt her straighten up. Her grip on my jacket stayed good but It happened so fast If I would have been cornering it may have gone bad fast.
Next stop is intercom store. Need to keep better tabs. We have ridden farther before but she wasnt tired from class.
Be very aware of this, I sure am now.
Good safe riding to all.
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