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Originally Posted by BMWzenrider View Post
I have seen these LED driving lights advertized, but have not heard any reports about how much light they throw out versus the small HID units that are available, or seen any photos showing the light they throw.

Are the current LED lights more for being seen by other drivers or do they actually thow out a beam that puts useful light on the road/trail?
I'll try to take some comparison pics with my camera set to manual exposure one of these nights when it's not raining and post them up. But my seat of the pants impression is that you can believe what you read in the AdvMonster thread. These things rock! My HID high beam is only 35 watts but is still much much brighter than the stock 55w halogen H1. Then when I turn on the LED's, the HID gets completely washed out. If the HID was to burn out one night in the backcountry, it would have no effect on my ability to see. What's more, AdvMonster has phased out the 3-bulb lamps like what I got and replaced them with a 4-bulb lamp. 33% more light? Yikes!

Of course, I'm no Baja racer. At night, I take it easy. My night vision and my reaction time is not what it was when I was 20. So I don't really need any more light than this, and you could argue pretty convincingly that even this is quite a bit more than what I need.

As for the see-or-be-seen thing, the LED bulbs have three levels (high-medium-low) and for daytime driving the low level is as much as you'd want to use for conspicuity. On low, they are really bright. At night, if there was a car anywhere in sight, I'd turn them off completely--too bright at any intensity.
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