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Just wait....

Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
jeez, 24 hours after I started this, and 7k views, over 100 comments.

thanks guys, makes me feel good.

Y'all must REALLY be bored!

My town in Bama got spared, but it tore up shit all around me. I'm sorta in a valley, so alot of times the storms split before they get to me, altho I had a close call a couple years ago, tornado comin right at me, & turned about 100 yards from the house. I was outside watchin it, because I always gotta see whats going on. yes, Im an idiot. skeered the shit outta me, for sure!

Anyhow, Im hopin the bike arrives tomorrow, Im ready to get on the road!

Doug, you have no idea how people in cyberspace have been waiting for this week to arrive. We wish you well, and will be following your every move. A ton of middle class guys (and gals) sitting in offices everyday thinking about the weekend and tuning in. You are a true inspiration, whether you like it or not.

Sporty? I got your Sporty.... I got your Sporty right here.....

Go with Throttles up Doug, go with Throttles up.

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