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ummm yeah ... come to think of it ... I sorta didnt know you were going to do the Old Summer Road when we talked about range.

You might want a second reserve container when you fill up in Tomtor. ;) Any old 4 litre oil container will do just fine. Tomtor to Susuman will be the range challenge.

Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
taking the advice 'on board' and actually 'applying it'
are two totally separate things!

tank held 4.2 or 4.5 gallons before I 'relieved' it to make the forks fit (I forget which) and the spare holds 1.5 gallons.

thats 22 liters to you furriners. so, if my calculations are correct (are they ever?) but IF they are,

(puts on cipherin hat)
ok, aught times aught is aught, carry the 3, times it twixt by forty, carry the 8......

well, fuck it. I figure close to 360km from plum full to oh shit!

which will only be a problem if the only town on the old summer road is outta gas. Or if I forget to fill up somewhere. Which does happen.

I'm plannin to meet Tom (motoreiter) in Yakutsk, & we'll tackle the RoB together. I wouldnt try the old summer road alone. This depends on weather also, if it rains alot, we'll stick to the 'good road'

Also, there a chap from jolly old england named Simon that I'll probably meet up with somewheres about Mongolia.

They are both ridin BMW's, but I told em not to worry, I'll bring a tow rope along. I wont leave them stuck anywhere!

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