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Caponards on the SE Erzberg 950

We've even got some of Woody's Team's creations down under in South Australia. How sexy do these wheels look? .....

Having just departed with my beloved 950 Adventure - I wasn't sure if I wanted another bike for riding on the tar when my lovely wife wants to go for a ride on her bike. The SE is a big dirt bike which will suit our jaunts through the Australian Outback perfectly, however it is without some of the comforts of the Adventure (ie windscreen, etc). I opted for a set of Woody's Caponard laced rims in a 17/19 combo which has transformed my Desert Blaster into one awesome Road Bike. What sort of Road Bike could I have really bought that would live up to this? So, although the wheels were a small investment, they realistically have saved me thousands of $$$, because I only need one bike and they're completely set up with sprockets, spacers, so all I need do is just pull the axles and a quick wheel swap takes only minutes, to go from knobs to these tar-hugging babies.

I made some enquiries with Woody, fell in love with the lacing on these rims, and ordered myself a set. What great service and a cool guy to deal with. Woody makes buying stuff fun.

These wheels haven't come off the bike since I tried them out the first day. I am stoked with how natural they feel on the bike. The bike turns in better and is just a hoot to ride on the tar. It's one nasty 950 Motard now. The only thing I have to do is pull my head in, as the first morning out, we went for a ride up through the 'Adelaide Hills' from home to have breakfast at a cool little cafe in the small township of 'Cudlee Creek'. It was the most expensive breakfast I have ever had. Just came around another great corner, sticking to rails, on these tar magnets, then opened her up coming out of the corner, only to find 'Mr Plod' with his radar gun hiding behind a guard rail at the bottom of the hill. Being a bike rider himself, he didn't tear strips off me for having too much fun, however he did strip a few hundred bucks off me for breaking the speed limit of 100kph and a few points off my driver's licence. Good job I had plenty of points in the bank to lose a few without losing my license though. So the wheels are 'a lot' of fun, however I have to be careful not to have 'too much fun' or the damn 'Fun Police' will waiting somewhere to nail me again.

I thought I may have to make my side stand 'telescopic' to accommodate the smaller diameter rims, however it just worked out nicely with no mucking around required. What else can I say. I love them. And now it means I don't ever have to put the wheels in the back of the car again and run down to the local tyre dealer each time I want to swap from 908s to Conti's depending on what sort of journey we're going on. And it means I can get more life out of all my tyres by using them mainly where they're intended. It also means the Road Tyre option is not a 'half-arsed' Dual Purpose tyre (which are never great at anything really) and so now I run "Full Purpose" tyres on my bike.

I've still got a couple of mods to do to this bike before she's all set for our bigger adventures, like fit the 30L Safari tank and get some KTM racks cut and shut to enable the plastic Hepco Becker panniers to be locked on if we wanted to do ride to Tasmania for example with my wife. This would enable us to lock gear on the bike for security. However I will run a set of the Andy Strapz soft Adventure bags for our Desert crossings, being much lighter and closer to the frame. Then fit up my Emig Racing Triple Clamps and Damper and ride off into the sunset.

Anyway, look closely at these images of Woody's wheels, then try and tell yourself you 'don't' need a set for yourself. Good Luck with that!
Again, thanks Woody, Zack and the Team at Woody's Wheel Works!

Another great company, providing great service and support, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Assembly and delivery was pronto, once I finally decided to go ahead too.
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