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Just got the C3 this afternoon. Immediately took it on a comparison ride on my Thruxton with no wind screen/protection at all. First rode with the C3 and thought it wasn't all that quiet until I came back and put my Shoei RF1000 on and took it for a spin, world of difference. I did recently mount a Cardo on the Shoei which I'm sure induces some extra noise (I can tell the difference between right and left sides) but no doubt the C3 is more quiet. Feels like the fit is perfectly snuggish right now, hopefully break in doesn't loosen it up too much. Always thought my nose was big but the flip-down tinted visor comes just in front of it.

All in all I'm liking the fit a lot and the extra features make it worth the $ to me. Hope it doesn't leak.I always rode with a tinted visor and counted on good bike lighting at night to make that work without switching to clear, now no more of that. First flip-up helmet, think I might not go back.

Only problem is I'm not going to want to take the C3 on long street/dirt adv rides on the GS which gets it totally dirty inside and out. I like the street helmets over the adv helmets for long rides... Hmmm... Guess there's always the top case for extra helmet.
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