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Maybe maybe not. I entered on to the interstate a while back. Needed to move one more lane over and pick up speed. Some cat on a v-twin of some sort with loud pipes was beside me. I could hear him but not see him as he was in my blind spot. I turned my turn signal on and he sped up and moved ahead and I started easing over while glancing back just in time to see somebody on a Kawa nomad with quite pipes had moved in to my blind spot. The kawa wasnt as enthusiastic in his moving forward until I crowded him.

So had the kawa had loud pipes I would have known he was there, but on the other hand if the other bike had not been deafeningly loud I wouldnt have fixated on getting him by me before moving over.

Me I run stock pipes, been stuck with a group of bikes with loud pipes and on a 2 or 3 day trip it sucks. The loud pipes thing isnt strictly a cruiser thing, I've heard sport riders laughing how they can roll thru a parking lot and chop the throttle and set off car alarms on their 600's.
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