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Sirens, horns, lights face everywhere

Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Poor argument due to sirens and horns facing forward.
Yes there are studies that state the obvious that exhaust faces backward but you know damn well when a big V-Twin is near you. You feel it as much as hear it.

The same studies mention that no matter how loud and bright the EV is, the inattentive driver doesn't notice them so why bother huh?

Additionally, too quiet can be harmful. On my work site, golf carts have run over people who don't notice them and step into the path of one sneaking up behind them. You see the same thing getting noticed in the electric car industry as shown by a previous poster. Some noise is a good thing depending on the ambient environment.

It all boils down to obnoxiously loud and we all seem to have a different threshold for what that is which is why legislation is necessary. I am dumbfounded why the AMA proposal on how "quiet" should be enforced isn't embraced. Using a tool to indisputably measure volume seems pretty damn easy if you hear something loud go flying by and it doesn't single out any particular group.

But like I said... if the AMA or any other sanctioning body really wanted to lead by example we would hear nothing but hum when we went to the races they sanction. But they are as interested in making money by entertaining the crowd with displays of skill and "power" just as much as any other business. Paradigms are hard to break.

It's easy to enforce with current laws, it just isn't done and we keep getting numb nuts in the legislature that try to come up with really indirect ways to enforce "quiet" but it’s only aimed at motorcycles….

So I call bullshit on most of it.
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