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''detractors'' to using a tube,,,,,

Originally Posted by AndyCap View Post
Woody -

Thanks man. Are there any detractors to using a tube?

for starters,,,i will limit this answer to nail/thorn type punctures,,ie the cause of most of our flat tires.....most other scenarios would need a tube or patching the tube to repair the flat.

the engineers would say that heat build-up in the tire,,,extra un-sprung weight,,,extra time n $$$ to repair a flat ,,,not to mention extra $$$ for the tube are the main detractors.

Sooo,,,since i am essentially a lazy sort of guy it comes down to how much time and energy a task takes away from the more pleasureable pursuits in life... in this case riding my motorcycle and making progress versus sweating my ass off and busting knuckles having to yank a wheel of the bike,,R&Ring the tire and then the tube ,,,then patching the tube [and if ya want to do it really right you shoud put a T-patch in the tire too,,,to keep the puntured area in the tire from chaffing your tube and invariably wearing a hole into it again]
....time spent = 15-60minutes
energy spent = IMHO tooooo much


finding the nail or thorn,,,marking the spot,,,removing the offending item,,,pulling out your plug repair kit ,,prepping the area,,,inserting a plug and airing back up again.
...time spent = 5-10minutes
energy spent = minimal

I mean, it seems to me it would be a lot easier to fix a flat with tubes. PROs/CONs?
it all depends on what caused the flat to begin with,,hence i recommend using beefy tubes for spares when doing adventure riding off road,,,they can cover more serious damages to your tire .

BTW - yes, I am saving up to get a set of your wheels some time next year hopefully.attaboy,,ya have good taste
OBTW,,,i really like your use of that word 'detractors',,has a certain ring to it

hope that helped ya..
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