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This debate is like all others.

Some folks want to do what they want, when they want, how they want, and think they are above the law and the conventions of decent behavior.

Some folks think any act of individuality, any behavior that isn't conventional or anything less than religious observation of every rule and law is an act of a selfish pig.

I fabricated an exhaust for my bike, it is louder than stock, but it isn't "loud". I was out for a ride with my lab Taffy, we stopped at a state park for some play time. A large group of cyclists we had passed also stopped while we were there, several cyclists came over to pet Taffy, something about a dog in a sidecar attracts people. after the usual questions and "how cute' comments I asked if anybody thought my bike was too loud. Several answered no and one person said it is louder than average, "but it isn't obnoxious like those Harleys".

Around here I'll guess Cruisers account for 60% of loud bikes and the rest sport bikes, but the prejudice against "Harleys" is legitimate and there for a reason.
There may be just as many stupid loud sport bikes but they are making their noise out on some twisty back road pretending to be some racing hero.
The cruiser crowd is making their noise in big groups, in town where there is lots of other people, looking for validation and attention.

Sometimes it isn't what you do, but how and where you do it. The other thing is judgment, there is a big difference between louder than stock, and stupid obnoxious loud.
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