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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Rear fender? What about the front fender on most all of the bikes in this thread. Fenders are the tip of the iceberg. I look at these bikes and wonder why most of them have a big giant front tire that makes them handle like crap. I know. It's to make them look like flat trackers but the only reason why flat trackers run front tires like that is because they have to for the rules. It goes back to saving money by not having to buy different front and rear tires.

Most of the high pipes you could get by with sitting down but stand up and lean back like you always have to do in the dirt and they are going to roast your calf(s). I have to take off my lift handle for it bruising my leg horribly while riding in the dirt. At least it wasn't burning hot!

We have some lookers and some doers here. The great thing is that the doers can out look the lookers if done right.
What I have posted is a bunch of pics of some builders (and some amateurs) to try show what is out there and inspire people with their builds. I know for a fact that some of the bikes of Boxerschmiede were tested by Chris Pfeiffer ... The bikes on BMWbayer, I have tried and are sweet and handle nicely. Many of the others are just pics that I have found on the web when is cold and I'm bored...(not a lot of money to go out these days and have 4 kids, can't find a job to go back to FL)

In my case, I realize that it was a mistake to have ordered the same tire for front and back. I did it because I was hoping for a bobber look, but I have now ordered a smaller tire.

I don't know if I'm a looker or a doer...I'm just trying to build a bike and have some fun. And in this forum, I'm just trying to learn from some of you to do my build properly.

No harm intended. Peace.

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