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Board report.

The lead-free solder coating (step 7) was done on Friday morning, and the panels were delivered at 2pm Friday to get the silkscreen legend applied (step 8). However that step did not happen on Friday as that company's business day ends at 3pm.

The silkscreen legend will easily be done on Monday and the panels delivered for V-scoring. (I'm doing that delivery myself).

As recoveries go, I don't think this was a bad one. I mean, going in cold and getting boards built with new-to-me service providers in 3 weeks time.

Yay for me but... How does this affect the timeline?

Originally the circuit boards would be delivered to me 3 weeks ago. Assembly would begin and product shipping was to start on April 23, one week ago today. As it is now, shipping will begin 2 weeks from today. But, it's a fairly good bet that the very first IICE Air will leave here before that.

Thanks for hanging in there everyone. Really.


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