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Personally no..... But I have never used the high beam to flash people. You se.... here they will just look at you like deer in the head light...... Not having a clue as of why I`m high brighting them..... But In Scandinavia....before I moved over here.... It was a very useful tool. If you want to cheat.... You can drive for a minute or two...with the high beam on.... then turn it off.... The capacitors will remain charged....and your high beam will strike the arch a lot faster. I am contemplating a set of LED aux spots..... But just have`nt done it yet. They would work fine....if the high bright flashing was a necessity. I`d do this mod all over again....

I notice with mine when I first start the bike (in the dark garage) the HID flashes like a flash on a camera. I bet when you hit the flash to pass it would do the same thing. Of course someone will tell us it's bad for the bulb, but I bet they still last longer then the stock bulbs do. Plus if you shop around, there like $50.00 a pair with digital ballasts so the don't cost much more then a stock set of stock bulbs. Of course I can't buy a replacement HID in any auto store, but the HID's leave the stock plug on the wire harness, just plug in a stock bulb if your blow one on the road
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