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I put on some Pro-Taper bar mounts to keep the stock rubber mounts,I used long enough bolts so I can put a stack of thick washers under them to raise the bars some,I had a set of KTM bars around so I use those.
For the pegs I use the cheap ebay heavy metal lowering settup,moves pegs back over an inch and down an inch and half I think,makes the front end come up easier when Im standing and way easier on my beat up legs and knees when cruising down the hiway.
The stock clutch cable still seems fine at 26,000 miles,amazing what a little lube and a dab of grease on the ends will do,I do have the choke kit that has the pull rod right on the carb,very hard to get at but frees up room on the handlebars.

Those of you who have the ebay DR pegs,they fit ok? The set I put on my DRZe were a poor fit and the spring barely can be crammed in and doesnt fit right.
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