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I would like to address the center stand first, because I believe Triumph may have a problem with it. It seems that a number of owners report that the combo spring is too weak, allowing the stand to hang down from it's fully retracted position. This is probably a safety hazard and really should be addressed. The situation also causes the stand to bounce up down against the frame while you are riding. So much so on my T800 ABS that on the 80 mile ride home from the dealer the springs bounced off the bike all together, leaving me on the side of the road picking weeds to tie the stand up to the frame. Whew, enough of that, on the the good stuff.

Let's stick with accessories for the moment. I also ordered a number of extras at the time I put my deposit down. By the way, I did not pre-order, simply gave the dealer a deposit to insure I would get the next T800 ABS. Some of what I ordered was put on the motorcycle by my dealer, other stuff has yet to come in. I got the fog lights. They are very bright, make the bike more conspicuous, and look way cool. I also added the heated grips which have two positions, low and high. The low position is very low, not really been able to feel it. The high position is fine and works well, not too hot. I am waiting on the tall adjustable wind screen, luggage, beak, and alloy sump guard/bash plate. I was looking for the look of the XC with the function of tubeless tires you get with the T800. Of course I won't get the longer travel suspension of the XC. The owners manual says that Triumph will be offering a tire pressure monitoring system for the T800, not for the XC. I would think it would be a great addition to a bike with tubed tires, giving you a little heads up if you are starting to lose pressure, but maybe the sensors are not up to off road use.

I agree, this bike is quite stiff, even for me. I am a heavier guy and I am feeling every little bump as I ride. I plan on checking the pre-load today to see where it is set from the factory, maybe I can adjust some of that out. As the OP said, much of the problem is the front and there are no adjustments.

I have the standard seat and also like it in the low position, I think. Need to ride more to figure that out. Only the front of the rider section of the seat moves up or down, meaning the rear part of the riders seat stays put. So the low position tilts the seat forward a bit, not too bad, but a little. I definitely feel like I am sitting more "in the bike" with the seat in the low position.

This is my first Triumph triple, and I am falling under the spell of this amazing engine. Am I the only one that thinks this engine sounds like an opposed 6 Porsche? I got 46 mpg on my first mileage check. The owners manual says to expect better mileage as the triple breaks in. I am really hoping for 50. By the way the trip computer has functions, or functions in a way I have never seen on another bike. There are two trip odometers. Each trip odometer can show trip distance, range to empty, trip time, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption, and average speed. They can be reset separately. So on a trip you can access mpg for your current tank on one trip odometer, and mpg for the whole trip on the other, cool.

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