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Originally Posted by LC4 Pilot
This requires some cutting away of the plastic controls assembly housing though, doesn't it? That's been my only hesitation to converting over. I'd hate to botch that up and make a mess of it cosmetically.
The Magura conversion required quite a lot of cutting in my 2000, but it was easy to do with a soldering iron and file. Now the housing looks crude and I am a bit worried about possible water damage with time. Anyhow, I think it was worth of it. Clutch pull is so much easier now.

KTM had some trouble with a subcontractor some years ago. I went through three clutch cables in about 5000 km. They corrected the problem with a cable which has a plastic knot at the lever end. The previous one was made of metal. I think that 14k is not too bad even with the new one, because a cable will stick in that time and becomes too hard to pull.
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