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I have a high front guard now,it was just a matter of getting around to front guard is illegal here.Like a speedway track,gravel roads give their best traction when wet,you need a front guard to ride them wet.

Everyone has their own take on handling,I know everyone loves the airhead,but I find them an understeering bike,nervous when pushed and run wide.The big front tyre means I can push the front much harder,my entry and corner speeds are higher,and I can choose my exit line.I don't have a problem with adapting the bike to my needs,others may find the handling ghastly,but it inspires so much more confidence in me than the stock set up.
Everyone indeed has their own take on handling but there are a lot of good reasons why 99% of all bikes have smaller front tires than the rear and it isn't looks. I set my friends CRF450 up for a local short track/TT. I asked about the track and if there were any tire rules. He said you could run knobbies if you wanted. I left his 21" MX knobby on the front and put a flat track tire on the back. Some of his buddies saw the setup before Friday night and were telling him it wouldn't work. Come Friday night, ALL of those guys were behind him. He said that in just a few weeks depending on the track conditions most everybody was running the same setup. I don't think the knobby has any more grip on hard pack but I do think the profile and less weight of the knobby makes the bike turn and handle a LOT quicker. Later on my friend was short tracking practicing with Ben and Eric Bostrum. He told them the story and they both immediately said that they very often like to run the same setup IF the track will let them.

In my experience, the bigger front tire you put on an airhead, the more they want to tank slap.
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