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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
I set my friends CRF450 up for a local short track/TT. I asked about the track and if there were any tire rules. He said you could run knobbies if you wanted. I left his 21" MX knobby on the front and put a flat track tire on the back. .
I did the opposite - when we started racing bikes at our local car dirt track with hard pack clay,I took my TS400 down to use.I didn't like the 19in front wheel,and had fitted a TM front end from my dead donor TM400.The 21in knob was crap on the hard pack,and refitted the 19in into the TM forks,and fitted a 3.75 Kenda Speedway tyre,and a 4.00x18 trials tyre to the rear.This was a great set up,and tried it on some gravel roads too,and found it better there than the 21in too.Hence the reason my R65 is set up like that,and confirms my earlier findings.Each to their own.
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