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[QUOTE=makazica;15804128]Which of the features do you consider relevant in the case of long term durability?

gmtcmAs far as the percieved oil problem with the 530's, most of my friends that have 08 and 09 450's and 530's have to add oil to them on longer rides. I'm sure hoping that they get rid of the separate engine/tranny oil compartments and increase the capacity of engine oil. It has kept me from buying the 08 or newer 530's, and I have kept my 525.


Pretty much what he said. Some have had issues, others none but more oil available means more to burn or lose before a major engine failure i.e. rings, valves and heat related issues etc. without having to check it every 3 hours to top it off. I don't own a 530 but the low oil volume has been a major consideration on deciding to get a 530 or 690. Now that they have gone EFI on this 500 Im looking hard at the 690. Now that its been de-carb'd if I'm going to have to put up with all the KTM EFI and fuel dilivery problems I just a soon drive a bike that I can get 3000 miles out of before oil changes or having to do top over hauls at 60 hours even if it means 30 lbs of extra weight. My hope and others too is that they have increased the oil volume some and have gone back to a single sump case to rid it of the oil transfer problems of blowing internal seals(pre2010). The EFI is another story all together, hopefully they have that sorted out by now we can only hope. If not I hope this engine will be easier to convert to a carb than the 690 is.

I'm holding out on this one until I get more info.

EFI lets all drive green..............................

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