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Originally Posted by touser View Post
Excuse my ignorance, but what's so bad about the EFI?
Nothing if its working right. Check out the 690 mega thread and read about the EFI and fuel pump problems. Carbs are just more fool proof out in the sticks. No lap top needed to fix, just a screw driver and parts. I might be over simplifing it but if out on a week long trip give me a carb. BMW seems to have gotten their EFI right but KTM is still having teething problems with some models the 690 to be more clear. I have confidence that they will get it sorted out in time but IMHO these are the types of things that should never leave the factory unless solved before hand. This new motor may be the EFI that changes the perspective on it.

Im not sure if thats the MAP sensor or not shown on the 500 head maybe someone can chime in on this but it looks odd for a carb'd motor.

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