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Added two more mods over the weekend. Now for you novice farklers--don't try this at home--these mods are definitely high tech and should be attempted only by advanced professionals!!!

First, I made a plywood floor for the tub to be used when DOG is my co-pilot. This required a saw, a measuring tape, a pencil, a drill, some glue and 4 screws. Optional equipment--a sander.

You can also see in this pic the passenger grab bar that I installed. Just something for the monkee to hang onto.

The round rugs I'm using there are 100% wool, pretty thick and cushy, and only cost $10 each at IKEA. I might leave them round, or I might one of these days cut them to size and staple them down. Haven't decided yet.

A platform like this let's DOG sit or stand about 3" lower down than on the seat cushion, and also let's him curl up and lie down when he wants to. When camping, I can put the tonneau cover on, leave the "door" unsnapped, and he can use the tub as his crate.

The 2nd farkle is a new garage door opener. This one required some Velcro and a wire tie. And, of course, a garage door clicker.

This pic also shows the 2-way momentary switch for the electric tilt mounted inside the handguard. I used a steel bracket I found in my garage and some 3M double-sided foam tape. The switch and the waterproof cover I got on eBay. The location is very handy for the index finger. I don't constantly change the tilt, but like for instance this weekend I did a little 150-mile round trip to Woodinville to buy some wine, and I probably adjusted the tilt 6 or 7 times. The amount of tilt I like on the superslab (I-5) is definitely not what I want on something like the high-crowned Carnation Farm Road.

You can also see in this pic a small rocker switch installed above the light switch on the left grip. That's the switch that turns the off-road LED's on and off.
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